Webb City Storage has been the leading storage unit facility in the past years for many reasons. Not only is the property in pristine condition, but being placed in a safe neighborhood with optimal security, Webb City and the greater Joplin, MO chooses Webb City Storage because we are someone they can trust. Another reason people choose us is due to the various amounts of sizes we offer when it comes to our self-storage units. When creating our facility, we tried to keep in mind the versatility and accessibility needed for those looking to store their belongings. Whether you’ve got a little or a lot, Webb City Storage has the right unit for you!

5X10 & 8X10 Self-Storage Unit

Starting small, the 5X10 and 8X10 self-storage units are approximately the size of a large closet. Many people like to rent these units specifically for holiday decorations. When the season is over, storing decorations in your garage can be a hassle and make your space look cluttered. By renting a small unit like this, you can eliminate the annoying clutter that often times gets created in part by these holiday decorations.

10X15 Self-Storage Unit

Much bigger than the 5X10 and 8X10 units we have available, Webb City Storage also offers a 10X15 unit, which is a comparable size to your family room. These units work great for businesses when there are many files that need to be kept, but are not often used. Another great reason to rent a unit of this size is when moving. Changing homes is already a big enough task, don’t make it more difficult by trying to place everything within your home, put it in a unit like this. This space is big enough to hold a large portion of furniture, kids toys, and anything else that can get overwhelming when moving homes.

12.5X50 Self-Storage Unit

Another unit size we offer here at Webb City Storage is our 12.5 X 50 RV and boat storage units. These are perfect for those who own big toys such as these but do not want to store them at their house. When thinking about renting a unit for something like this, it’s easy to see the benefits of a storage unit facility. Not only does it save you driveway space, but it also eliminates the possibility of weather damage. These units work well for those who don’t have a large garage to store something of this magnitude. Are you someone who is looking to rent from a self-storage facility but worried that they won’t have the size you’re looking for? Well stop the search, Webb City Storage has six different sizing options and even has units that rent on a month-to-month basis. When you’re ready to start renting, give us a call at (417) 624-0155 or visit our website at www.webbcitystorage.com.